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Clothing Wishlist: Spring Edition


It’s time for another wishlist, this one will be focusing on clothing, more specifically clothing that I’m lusting after for the spring time. Spring is just around the corner and I’m ready for it to get here already. So, let’s just jump in and I’ll share some of the things that I’ve really been eyeing this month for the upcoming warmer weather.

Pink Canvas Sneakers. I’m not a huge sneaker person but every so often I come across a pair that I’m interested in, these are really basic canvas sneakers but I love the light pink color and how the laces match it.

Floral Tank Top. This one is also really simple but it’s something that I really enjoy. It also looks really comfortable and like something that I can easily wear into the summer.

Hexagon Hoop Earrings. I’ve had a weird love of hoop earrings recently and I’m really lusting after this pair because they are an interesting shape, I’m sure I’ll get my hands on them but they are something I’m lusting over.

Striped Swing Dress. I have this in four other colors and I want a couple of the new ones because they are really comfortable and I find myself wearing them all of the time during the warmer months of the year.

Chambray Lace Up Dress. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect denim dress and I really love the lace up trend, so this may be my perfect denim dress, I’m waiting to see it in store to really make my choice on this one.

Anchor Sweatshirt. Spring is still a bit cooler here so I figure I’ll be wearing long sleeves for just a little bit longer, and I just really like how cute and simple this is.

Positive Blossoms Heel. These are something that I will never wear but I just really like looking at them, probably won’t ever buy them but I still wanted to include them just because I think they are so pretty.

Color Blocked Bangle. I’m not a huge jewelry person but I do enjoy trying to mix it up sometimes and trying out some new things, like this bangle that I think is really cute and pastel.

Nude Bucket Bag. I adore the color of this bag and I think the bucket style is really cool, I’m very fond of smaller bags and I really like this one.

Striped Peter Pan Tank. I really like this, it’s very basic but the collar adds a little bit of personality to it. I love stripes.

Purple Tank Dress. I don’t know why this is called purple but I still really like this dress, it’s a bit dark for the spring and summer but I’m alright with that. Plus this looks really comfy.

Rose Gold Sandals. These are so cute! I kind of love this style of sandal and I love the color of these so I’m probably going to have to pick this up.

Lace Tank. This is really simple but looks really comfortable and cute to wear throughout the summer, which I am so excited about!

Quartz Tank. I love quartz! And I love Steven Universe, which isn’t relevant at all but I wanted to throw that in there. This tank looks comfy and cute!

Soft Taupe Satchel. I really like the color of this bag a lot and I also like the shape of it, plus it’s a bit smaller and like I said above that’s what I prefer.

Metallic Strappy Sandals. These are something that I really want to pick up like I’m thinking about just biting the bullet at getting them now or making them my workout goal purchase for the end of March but I’m afraid they won’t have them. But no matter what I’m probably going to get my hands on these.

And that is my far too long clothing wishlist for this season if you guys like these I’ll do other ones for other seasons, just tell me what you think about this kind of post. Also, if you guys like the graphic at the very top of this post because I really like them but am not sure if I’m going to continue to use them.


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