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Battle: Mac Velvet Teddy vs Wet N Wild Bare it All


It’s the time of the month where I put two products up against each other and see if they are dupes, my goal for this year is to do at least on every month and so far so good.  This month I will be battling my only Mac lipstick against a Wet N Wild Lipstick, so let’s see if these are dupes for each other.


Let’s start with the packaging of these two lipsticks and off course, the packaging on these two aren’t dupes, they don’t look anything alike at all. The only thing they really have in common is the fact that they both feel really cheap to me. I’m sure I’m the only person who feels this way about Mac packaging but I just find it to feel really cheap, not as cheap as the wet n wild packaging but nevertheless cheap. I think the Wet N Wild packaging is the worst, possibly one of the worst lipstick packaging I’ve come across and if I’m being honest it may be the reason why I don’t own more of these lipsticks because they are good but it’s just terrible packaging, it feels cheap, gets messy and the lid doesn’t like to stay on always. But, I don’t think the packaging is that serious it’s just annoying.




wp-1486735380098.jpgI swatched the two of these side by side so we could see the colors together and upon swatching these two are not dupes, they look fairly similar but they are not the exact same. The left side is Mac Velvet Teddy and the right is Wet N Wild Bare It All. I will say that I am not ruling these two out as not being dupes based on the swatches though, I had to apply them both to my lips to find out if they really weren’t dupes or not because I have learned that things don’t always look the same swatched as when they are applied on the face. And these two are for sure dupes of each other, at least on my lips, I will post a picture below so you can see for yourself but on the lips, I can’t really tell the difference. So if you’re itching to get your hands on Velvet Teddy but either can’t find it or don’t want to shell out the price tag on the Mac one you can get a hold of the cheaper one.



wp-1486735383632.jpgIt took me a second to remember which lip was which with this one but the bottom is Velvet Teddy and the top is Bare It All. I can’t tell the difference so these two are for sure dupes in color.

I also think these are dupes when it comes to formula if they aren’t exactly the same they are so similar that I can’t really tell a difference. These are both a matte finish lipstick, these are both very creamy matte finishes and they last for about the same amount of time. The staying power on these really aren’t great, they aren’t terrible either but they aren’t anything like a matte liquid lipstick as one would probably expect since these aren’t liquid lipsticks. They have about the same staying power as a normal lipstick

So, overall the verdict is that these two products are dupes in pretty much all ways, so if you’re interested in Velvet Teddy but can’t get your hands on it check out the Wet N Wild one for a fraction of the price.


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