Why January Was Awesome

I can’t believe that January is already over. This is something that I find myself saying more as I get older and as I blog more, it’s such a cliche thing to say but it’s so true, time is just flying by. And because January is over that means it’s time for me to start doing some favorites and things, as usual, though I am a little bit late to the game this month but I think that’s alright. Let’s get into talking about this past month!

January. It was an alright month for me, it’s been very dull and cold out, which I haven’t enjoyed and has been bringing my mood down a little bit, so I’m ready for spring. Granted, I have been ready for spring for months now, probably about two days after cold weather started, I am still such a Florida girl at heart.

This month my family came and visited, that was fun, mostly. I was really excited to see my dad and to hang out with him since he hasn’t been able to come up here yet, I did see him at Thanksgiving but he hasn’t been to my new apartment so that was fun. It did make me realize that even though I’ve been here for almost a year I don’t really know what there is to do around here, especially in the winter, so hopefully I can figure some things out to do by the next time that they come to visit, which I will have a fair amount of time to figure that out.

This month has also been a bit big in terms of wedding, we’ve been really buckling down and focusing on getting things done, which we really needed to do. We have a venue, which we already had but we did go out and look around again, got some measurements and are thinking about how we want to decorate. I have someone to do my hair, we have a cake person and we are meeting with a caterer soon to taste test, we’ve already met him and so far like him, but I guess the proof is in the pudding. Haha.

I think that’s all that really been going on other than me being a hoarder while also trying to go through all of my stuff and get rid of anything that I don’t need, which I know makes a lot of sense. So here’s to a great February.


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