2017 · Lush

Ultimate Lush Kitchen Menu

I have decided to do something a little bit different for me, I’m going to talk about what my Ultimate Lush Kitchen Menu would be. If you don’t know, the Lush kitchen is in the UK and Japan and they make exclusive products, sometimes they make new ones but for the most part they make products that have been discontinued, they make these products in smaller batches. I will only be mentioning products that exist in this post, I may do another one sometime in the future about dream products that I wish existed but for now this one will be focused on products that already exist. I will also be doing this in kitchen menu style, meaning I will be posting two items per day of the week, which is Monday through Friday. I decided to do two per day because I knew it would be impossible for me to just pick five plus they seem to have been two products per day a lot as of recently. So, let’s just jump on in to the products that I would love to see in a kitchen menu week.

 Monday: Starting the week out with a punch we have Calacas Shower Gel, which smells of sweet lime candies and is a fantastic way to start the week off. And the next will be the Enchanter Bath Bomb that also shares the scent with Calacas, so this smells like lime candies and on top of that it is beautiful in the water.

Tuesday: Let’s get a little random on the second day of the week with Yuzu & Cocoa Perfume which is just a lovely scent that I can’t stop sniffing and the second item is Haagen Bath Bomb, I love that this smells really pepperminty but at the same time there is a softness to the scent of it.

Wednesday: It’s hump day and for hump day I have Christmas Eve Bubble Bar on the menu, something soft and relaxing to get you through the rest of the stressful week. This smells of jasmine and shares it’s scent with the next product we have for this day, which is Northern Lights Bubble Bar. Together these will be create an amazingly relaxing bath.

Thursday: Let’s get a little bit spicy this Thursday with the Melting Snowman Bath Melt I love how spicy this smells and this was one of my first lush products, so I need it back in my life. The other spice to this Thursday is the Gingerbread Bubble Bar. 

Friday: To finish off the week and get us through the weekend I picked out a couple of peppier items, one being the Iced Wine Shower Jelly which doesn’t smell of wine but smells like a slightly boozy cocktail. The other is the Lemony Flutter Body Conditioner which shares the scent with the cuticle butter, meaning this should smell of fruity pebbles and lemon which sounds delightful.

And that is my idea of a perfect kitchen week, I don’t see this combination of products ever happening in a week but it would be really fantastic if it did, then again if they did then I would be spending a lot of money and that would probably be a bad thing.

What would your ideal kitchen menu look like? 


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