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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette Review

Yes, it is time for me to review this palette, I probably should have done it sooner but I kept putting it off and now is the time that I will be doing it. I bought this at the very end of November, I finally caved after hearing everyone talk about it for months, and I got really lucky because when I went to buy it in store I got the last one that was hiding, so I took that as a sign that I for sure had to get it. So let’s just get right on into the review of this palette.


wp-1479760061622.jpgI wanna start out by talking about the packaging, which is in the photo above, and I don’t really like the packaging. I expect this to get really dirty, which it hasn’t yet but I’m not sure that I’ve hard core used it yet, the reason that I think this will get dirty is because it feels velvety, kind of like the first naked palette from what I hear. I do like the feel of it and I enjoy the color as well, I’m just waiting for this to get really dirty.
wp-1479760084483.jpgThis comes with fourteen different eyeshadows that are all in the warmer family of colors, it also comes with a double ended brush which is actually pretty nice, I think it’s a fantastic addition. This retails at 42$ USD and you can pick it up at various different places, such as Ulta, Sephora and Anastasia’s web site.

wp-1479760087940.jpgNow it is time to talk about the best part about an eyeshadow palette and that’s the eyeshadow itself. These are swatched with no base and using a makeup brush, my attempt to get the most accurate swatch of these and boy are they all so gorgeous. Starting from top to bottom I’ll tell you each shade: Realgar, Warm Taupe, Venetian Red, Red Ochre, Primavera, Burnt Orange, Raw Sienna, Cyprus Umber, Love Letter, Antique Bronze, Buon Fresco, Vermeer, Golden Ochre and Tempera. They are so gorgeous and so pigmented.

I want to talk about the formula of these, just for the formula alone I can see why so any people love this and why it has such high reviews on every site that this is sold on, it’s because they are so soft, so pigmented and super easy to work with while also not having a ton of fallout. It’s just such a good eyeshadow formula. And now I’m going to talk a little bit about each shade.

Tempera, I think this is just a standard in a lot of palettes now, it’s just a light cream matte color that I often use as a base color. Golden Ochre is a lovely light brown kind of shade that really leans towards a the yellow side, I think it’s probably the most unique color in this entire palette.Vermeer is my kind of shade, it’s a really shimmery kind of shade and it’s really champagne and it’s just perfect for e. Buon Fresco, I have a single of this because I loved it that much. This one looks like a really light mauve to me and I really love it, it makes an amazing crease color I think. Antique Bronze is exactly what you would think it would be, its a really pretty dark bronze color. Love Letter is such a pretty red color, it has a little bit of a purple undertone to it I think but I also think that makes it such a pretty and unique color, it’s also a color that really stands out. Cyprus Umber is the last color in the first row and this is just a really deep, dark true brown matte shade that I think works really well in the outer v with just about any look.

Now onto the second row starting with Raw Sienna which is another shade that leans kind of yellowy but it’s closer to the middle of the road than golden Ochre. Burn Orange I don’t really see this as orange, it looks like an orangey brown to me but it’s not really orange. Primavera is another really shimmery lid color, this one leans a little more towards the gold side but not a really bright true gold, more like a soft lighter gold. Red Ochre is a really pretty color but not a true red, it’s almost more like a reddish brown kind of shade and that is something that I like. Venetian Red this is the truest red out of the whole palette, it’s not super vibrant but it looks almost like a dark blood red shade and I’m into that. Warm Taupe is another one I bought a single of before getting this and this looks just like a true warm taupe shade, which I adore. Realgar this is a gorgeous almost tercotta like shade, it’s very orange brown and it’s completely gorgeous.

I would typically talk about the formulation with each one but I really don’t think the formula differs that much from one shade to the next, all of the shades are very soft and pigmented and just really easy to work with. I think this is just a really good palette and while I don’t buy too much into trendy and overhyped things but I really don’t think this is overhyped, I think it is as good as all of the hype it’s been getting. As long as you like warm colors and reds, of course. So overall I love this palette and would recommend it to anyone who likes these kinds of colors.



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