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Reasons Why December Was Awesome!

I know, I know, I just posted a end of year recap and now here I am talking about December. But I feel like I kind of rushed through my last couple of posts, mostly because I was feeling very rushed and this post I’ll have more time to work on and probably put a little bit more effort into it because of that. I also decided to write about December because I do these monthly and just because I wrapped up 2016 doesn’t mean I get to forget about what a fabulous month the last month of the year was.

December truly felt busy to me, nothing that I couldn’t handle of course but it was the first time in quite sometime that I felt busy and like I was always doing something. Between Blogmas, Christmas and working it just felt very busy. Of course I had time where I wasn’t doing much but who doesn’t?

December started out with us getting back into Virginia, I believe I spent my first couple of days of the month out of the state because I was coming home from Florida, which you guys heard way too much about last month. That was really fun and upon getting home I had things to do, I had blogmas posts to write, which was probably the biggest thing I did in December and possibly the hardest.

Blogmas was something that I completed in 2016 for the very first time, and on top of that I decided to blog for the entire month, which I also did. And yes, I know that some of them weren’t as great as others but I also feel like that is a thing that happens when blogging isn’t your only job or thing you do in your day, sometimes post quality falls a little. Overall I do think that I did a pretty good job though and am really proud of myself. I would be a liar though if I said I wasn’t glad that it was over, I will probably do it again this upcoming year but it was also really difficult.

Of course with December being holiday season I did a lot of things that incorporated that into my life, there were Christmas parties and baking and all of that fun stuff, which was honestly a lot of fun and I enjoyed all of the festivities that went down.

Overall, I think that December was a pretty good month and I think that it was a great way to finish off the year, I had a fantastic December and 2016 and i’m looking forward to a great January and 2017!


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