A Look Back: 2016

I know I’ve done monthly wrap ups throughout the year but I still wanted to do an end of year wrap up and kind of reflect back on the year. This year has been a huge year for me personally, probably the biggest year in my life possibly, a lot has happened and it’s just been a really big year for me. I think I’m going to keep this intro on the shorter side and I’m going to jump into talking about 2016 and all of the great things that happened for me. 

Like I said, this year has been huge for me, last year i spent my new years eve in Virginia with my boyfriend, who is now my fiancee, and during that trip i decided that i was ready to move to Virginia. Saying goodbye so much was just really hard to do and I was tired of doing it, so I decided that in either February or March I was going to pack up all my stuff and move four states away from my home and family, it was something that was hard to do but in the end I’m glad that I did it.

So I started this year out by making a huge decision. While I was packing up my boyfriend decided to surprise me and come down early and then he proposed to me, which I was not expecting at all. So yet another huge change in my life, all of which I am very happy about.

Moving to Virginia was pretty hard for me and I had some really tough times with it in the beginning, but now I think I’m doing pretty well and I don’t regret coming here at all, I’m very happy that I am here.

So of course with moving came a new job, which is still a little bit weird but I don’t mind it really, so yet another change in my life. I think it’s clear that my point is that this year has been really full of changes for me, all of which have been good ones, except for that being further away from my grandma thing.

And with getting engaged comes planning a wedding, so that is yet another new thing that went on in my life this year, although we are still in the process of planning out so much of it but the planning process for sure started this year. I’m hoping that finishing planning it out isn’t too difficult but we shall see with that one.

I feel like I could probably talk about a whole lot more but these are really just the big things that I wanted to hit on that happened in 2016, the reasons why I’m going to remember this year being such a really good year for me, so I’m going to end this here and say I hope you’ve had a great year and here’s to a great 2017.


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