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2016 Favorites: Skincare & Body Care


Alright, it is time for another end of year favorites post, this one is something that I have less knowledge about and have tried less products, but I have tried some new things and I have some old favorites to talk about today, so let’s get into talking about the best skincare of 2016.


Alright, let’s start this out with something that I’ve loved for a very long time and am surprised I didn’t mention in last years favorites, that is the Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser. I love this stuff, it’s really gentle but it’s also tough on makeup and gets all of the gunk off my face, so I’m a big fan of this.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist. This is so cute. Seriously, it’s the cutest little thing and I really love that about it, but that’s not the only good thing about this, it also smells really amazing and just makes my face feel good. I really like this mist more than any other one that I’ve tried this year.

I’m including this in skincare even if is a little bit out of place, that is the Lush Santa Baby Lip Scrub. I don’t think it is surprising that this is here, I’ve mentioned it probably too many times in favorites this year so I’m just going to leave this at, this is fantastic.

Another long time favorite now and that is the Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer. This is something that was in last years favorites, it’s just that good. The only complaint that I might have is there isn’t a SPF in but at the same time I don’t think that’s a huge deal because I just love this stuff.

Tony Moly So Cool Eye Stick, yes, another Tony Moly product, they are so adorable and usually have such great reviews, so I can’t resist. I picked this up because I wanted something with that cooling feeling and this for sure has it, I’m not really sure what else it does but it feels really nice.

And the last thing is something else that was in last years favorite, that is the Lush Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask. I love this face mask, it’s probably my favorite one I’ve ever used, it does great things for my skin, feels amazing and is bright blue. The biggest downfall is the fact that this is so hard to get now, but I can freeze it so that is a plus.


Lush Calacas Shower Gel, is something that I’ve loved ever since I smelled it for the first time and I’m still loving. This is great, it smells amazing and is really moisturizing, so this had to show up on this list.

I have really dry hands so this next product is something that I really just need in my life, that is The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cream. This is my favorite scent from the body shop, it smells like an orange push up to me, which is just amazing and these are really moisturizing which are great for my dry skin.

Another product that I love because I have dry skin, this is the Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner. This product is really a strange one and something I don’t typically pick up at Lush because I don’t like the scents they have, but since this is a holiday product I actually liked the smell. This is basically like conditioner for your body, you apply, let it set and then rinse it off and it really moisturizes your skin.

This last thing is something that I did have in my favorites last year, yet another product that is for my dry skin, this is the Bath & Body Works Frosted Wondrland Body Cream. I love how thick and creamy these are, they really pack in the moisture to my skin and the smell of this is amazing, like a winter coconut type of scent so I’m really into that.

And those are all of the skin and body care items that I have really been loving in 2016. I think all of these products are great, as you could probably assume, and would recommend all of them. There’s two more favorite post coming so get excited about those!


4 thoughts on “2016 Favorites: Skincare & Body Care

  1. love this – i can’t wait to go into Lush on Monday. I’m going to spend a fortune! Love their products. I really need a face mask and a new lip scrub! x


  2. God I’m so obsessed with Lush, the minute I see a product I haven’t used before I think “why haven’t I bought this before?” haha. I recently bought a huge tub of Snow Fair body conditioner and I’m loving is so far. The smell is divine and I love that I can use it under the shower. Now excuse me while I look up that Calacas shower gel haha. Lovely blog by the way!

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