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2016 Favorites: Makeup

I guess blogmas is technically over but not for me, I have posts planned out until January first, after that we’ll go back to the regular schedule of posting on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.  I’m still going to call this blogmas because I am not ready for Christmas to be over, so get ready for another weeks worth of posts. For the next few days I will be talking about my end of year favorites, just like I did last year, and this one is huge and I cannot believe that 2016 is over. I won’t go into talking about 2016 as I’m going to have an end of year wrap up on the blog in a few days, but I still cannot believe that this year is already over. Now, let’s get into talking about all of my favorite makeup from this past year.


As you can probably tell I’m going to start this post out with face products, which made the most sense to me because the face is the base of everything. This year I’ve found a little bit more of a taste for higher end products apparently, but I think that’s alright.

There is only one product from last year that has stayed in the top for this year so let’s start out with that product, that is the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love.  I’ve really worn the hell out of this blush this year, it’s just so easy to wear with any look and it’s just a fantastic product.

This next one is a sample size I’ve fallen for which is the Benefit The Porefessional Primer, I adore this primer because it makes my face look flawless and it doesn’t smell that bad, it’s not my favorite scent but I also don’t hate it. So this has been a great product.

Laura Geller Baked Blush N Brighten in Pink Grapefruit is another sample size product that I’ve got the hots for, this is just a beautiful blush that is a little bit glowy, a beautiful shade and I just love this.

Now for a foundation that I bought for my wedding but may not be using because I’m not doing my own makeup anymore, and that is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Snow, I still adore this product. I’ve used it a fair amount this year when I wear foundation, it’s just a beautiful finish and I love the way that it feels on my skin.

Up next is the best highlighter that I’ve probably ever used and that is the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin. I bought this on a whim because I love everything sin from Urban Decay and had to have this, it’s gorgeous, it’s a little bit flashy but that something that I really love still because it is simply gorgeous.

Another highlighting product that I’ve fallen for this year is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlights in Moonstone. This is something that I would completely buy in full size once I run out, it’s soft and subtle but so glowy at the same time, it’s a different finish than the Urban Decay one that I just mentioned but it’s still gorgeous.

The last thing is my only drugstore product in the face category and that is the Wet N Wild Illumi-naughty Highlighting and Concealing Pen in I-Vory Into You. Ive been through way too many of these this year, this is probably my fifth one and I love it! It’s a little bit hard for me to find in store, meaning I have to get it when I’m over the bridge, but it’s totally worth hunting down because I adore this product and will probably be using this for a while longer.


I have a few repeat offenders here, three in this group, so they must be really great products for me to have been loving them and talking about them all last year and this year. This also means it’s time to start talking about eye products.

First up is a serious repeat offender for me and that is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I seriously love this stuff and have for many years now, it just is a great product that really holds all of my eyeshadow in place no matter what the brand is.

Up next is another long time love of mine and that is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin, I seriously love this color, it’s just the perfect shimmery champagne kind of color and I will probably continue to purchase this and keep it in my collection for a long while.

The third thing that was with us in last years favorite and is here again is the Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in In The Nude. This is the eyeliner that I use on my waterline, it lasts forever, and the eyeliner pencil itself lasts me for a long while.

This next thing is a sample and something newer to me, this is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It’s so black, so easy to apply and just lasts really well so you can say I am a pretty big fan of this one.

This next one is something that I never thought I would have liked as much as I do, but I’ve grown to really like it and use it often, that is the Essence Make Me Brow in Soft Browny Brows. I’m not an eyebrow girl, I like to try new things but my eyebrows are pretty great on their own, however I do like to use this and think that it takes them to the next level kind of, so I’m glad that I tried this out this year.

Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl. Another cheaper product but something that I really enjoy, this is very dark, holds a curl and give me really big lashes that I really love.

Maybelline Color Tatto Eye Chrome in Gilded Rose. This is something that I hated at first and had a really hard time learning how to use, but now that I’ve figured out a way to use it that I love, this has been a favorite of mine and a product that I frequently reach for. I use this as an eyeshadow topper of sorts and it’s so sparkly and pretty.

The last thing is pretty new to me, I’ve had it for maybe a month but I know this is something that I’m going to love well into 2017 and something that I actually get the hype on. If you haven’t already guessed this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renassiance Eyeshadow Palette. I could probably talk about it for days, I will be in January as I have a review scheduled for this. I am already in love with this, the colors are pigmented, easy to work with and just simply beautiful so this is for sure a favorite of the year. And I think this is going to become a classic, it’s just that good.


I don’t think I mentioned any of these in last years favorites but that doesn’t mean that these aren’t great still, they are all things that I discovered during 2016, in fact I’m pretty sure that I picked up all of these during the second half of this year and I’m really glad that I did. So let’s talk about the last grouping in this post, lip products.

Up first is the E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator in Clear. I love Lush lip scrubs, that is true still and they are probably my favorite, but I also really like this one because it’s actually quite nice and the fact that it’s in a bullet lipstick form, which makes the application a lot easier and I like that.

Julep Matte Lip Mousse in Ooh La La, this formula is a bit strange and doesn’t last for a super long time, but I love the feeling of this on my lips and I think this color is the most gorgeous nude that I’ve ever worn on my lips.

Up next is a moisturizing lip product and that is the Milani Moisture Lock Grapefruit Oil Infused Lip Treatment. I’ve had three kinds of these this year and thus far they have all been good, these are something very special I think, but the grapefruit one was by far the best and I’m not even finished with one and I’ve repurchased another, mostly because I have to go out of my way to get them so I usually pick one up when I’m in the area. These are very moisturizing and the smell is great, along with the really glossy finish.

Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere. I was so worried about this color, it looked beautiful on the site but some of the reviews made it look like various different colors, so I was concerned this wouldn’t be a good shade for me but it turns out that I actually really like this one.

And the last lip product is the NYX Lip Suede in Soft Spoken, I hear that this is a dupe for Lolita but I do not own that therefore I cannot vouch, but what I can say is that this is still a very beautiful shade of lipstick. I love this formula as well, so overall I just think this is a really well rounded liquid lipstick. And yes, this will be in my liquid lipstick battle series at some point, not entirely sure when though.

And those are all of the makeup products that I have really been loving for the year of 2016, I think there’s a nice mix of drugstore and mid range, I think I’ve tried out a fair amount of brands and different products. So, this year has been a good year for me makeup wise and of course I would recommend anything that was mentioned in this post because everything here was something that I enjoyed, even if some of it was a little bit newer to me.


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