2016 · Blogmas

Winter Tag 2016

I’ve already made a post today but I decided that in honor of it being the first day winter I would do something a little bit special for that, and that is the winter tag, well kind of. I’ve decided since there are so many floating around that I’ve kind of cherry picked my favorite questions to answer. So, if you like this mix of questions feel free to do this yourself. So let’s get into this winter tag.

1. Favorite Winter Nail Polish? I think that my favorite nail polish to wear this time of the year is China Glaze Twinkle Lights. It’s just perfect for Christmas and I find myself picking this out to wear every year.

2. Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider? Hot Cocoa all the way.

3.Favorite Winter Candle? Probably Tis The Season.

4. Favorite Holiday Movie? Probably Elf.

5. Favorite Holiday Song? A Holly Jolly Christmas.

6. Most Important Beauty Essential? Probably a really great lip balm.

7. Does It Snow Where You Live? Now it does, not often but it does, when I lived in Florida it did not though.

8. What Holiday Do You Celebrate? Christmas.

9. Do You Like The Cold? No. Not at all.

10. Boots, Scarves or Hats? This is hard but I think I have to pick boots. I just really love boots.

This was just a short little tag but I thought it would be fun to do today, so I hope you guys enjoyed seeing two posts from me today.

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