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Lush Jester Bubble Bar Review

I feel like it has been so long since Ive posted a review for a bubble bar, I own quite a few bubble bars and I like using them but I just don’t find myself reaching for them too often. But, because of the holiday range and there be a bunch of new bubble bars I had to pick up one and the one I picked up was the reusable Jester bubble bar, so that is what I will be reviewing today.

imageThis is on a stick, so if you weren’t aware that means this is one of the reusable bubble bars from Lush, which means it is intended to be used multiple times. Although, I do think that all Lush bubble bars are reusable, but this one is intended by Lush to be used multiple times. You’re supposed to just swirl this around in your bath water and it makes bubbles but I don’t find that method as useful as just holding it under running water, it creates far more bubbles and uses less product and takes a lot less effort I think.

Up next I’m going to start talking about the obvious with this one and that is the appearance. This looks exactly like you would expect it to, it looks like a jester and I think that’s the point. I think this is really cute and very colorful, it’s exactly what I would want a Jester bubble bar to look like. It’s pretty fun and festive and cute.

wp-1481813180862.jpgI think the next logical step in the review is to talk about this in the bath, first I’ll talk about the color that it turns the water, even though you can probably guess what color the water ends up being. This turns the water a really pretty orange color which you’ll be able to see a lot better in the next photo, but you’ll have to scroll down some if you want to see that.

Now in terms of how this feels in the bath, I want to say that this feels even better in the water than most of the other bubble bars that I’ve tried, it feels so soft and left my skin feeling very moisturized. At this point I’m pretty sure just about all Lush bath products do this but there are some that are better than others, this is one of the bubble bars that feels better in the water than other ones that I’ve tried.

wp-1481813346334.jpgI also want to talk about the bubbles that this makes, because that’s what bubble bars are really for. Like most things some bubble bars make more bubbles or less but I think that this one makes about the average amount of bubbles. There isn’t anything wrong with that of course but it’s just nothing special, granted that also means that this isn’t bad at creating bubbles, it’s just really average like I said. I got this many bubbles out of it plus some you aren’t seeing and I could probably use this bubble bar another three or four times at least, so overall I think this is pretty good at making bubbles.

I’ve left the best for last as I typically do I think, and that is the scent. I sniffed this for the first time and knew that this was my kind of scent, which means that this smells like citrus which I love. It’s a pretty standard Lush citrus kind of smell, which I don’t mind at all but it’s also not anything to get really excited about. It actually smells pretty familiar but I cannot place what it smells like, it might even belong to a scent family that already exists but I cannot put my finger on what it is.

I also don’t think this scent lingers on the skin very much, so that’s pretty boring, it’s just average because I find that a lot of Lush bath products don’t linger on the skin that much.

But, overall I really like this bath bomb and would probably pick up another one, in fact I may pick up another one or two during the after Christmas sale. If you’re into bubbles and citrus scents than you will probably like this, I like both of these things and I really like this bath bomb.




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