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Lush Shoot for The Stars Bath Bomb Review

Time for another Lush bath bomb review and this is another one that I already have a review of but once again Lush brought this one back this year with a new look to it, which I’m kind of excited about but a little bit sad about at the same time because I actually really liked the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb last year. Oh well. Now we have a new design to talk about so let’s get into it.



While I think that the old design was really cool because of how the colors swirled together but I also can’t deny that the new formula also looks gorgeous in the water. That is what I want to talk about first, the appearance of this bath bomb, but before we get into the bath bomb that you see in the water to the right, I wanna talk about the new design before it hits the water.

I think that the bath bomb itself looks a lot more simple than it used to, that’s probably because it is. The new design is very simple, it’s blue and has three or four gold glitter stars on the outside, which are little bath melts, I think it’s very cute but I really kind of miss the old design.

Now in the water this is way different than the old bath bomb, the old one swirled around with blue, pink, white and yellow whereas when I threw this one into the bath it was just blue, such a bright beautiful blue though. This bath bomb is even more blue than Frozen I think.


I will say that this bath bomb is also pretty one note, it ends up being exactly what you think it would. The surprise that I did have with this is that it did spit out a few more stars than I expected it too, so this one is fully of cute little bath melt stars. So this doesn’t have any hidden color surprises, just blue with gold glitter bath melt stars. If you’re curious about the final color that the bath turns, which looks like mermaid water/Golden Wonder, then check out the next photo in this post.

As you can probably imagine this bath bomb is very moisturizing, more so than just an average bath bomb, and that is for sure because of all the little stars that are in it. This bath bomb leaves my skin so soft and lives a little bit of a film on my skin, which I don’t mind because but in case you don’t like that feeling this may not be the bath bomb for you. I don’t feel like I need to apply lotion after I take a bath with this bomb, so I think that is rather nice.

imageI think the only thing left to talk about is the scent of this bath bomb, which is the same as last year and is probably a scent that you know if you’ve sniffed around Lush before because it shares it scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids. This scent is in a few others products too, such as Honey Bee, Gold Fun and It’s Raining Men to name a few.  This has a really sweet smell to it, it smells like caramel kind of, so it has that rich, kind of buttery sweetness to it which I enjoy. There’s also a tiny hint of citrus to this, it’s really hard for me to pick up on but it’s there. So this is a really sweet scent that I enjoy and I would guess so do a lot of Lushies because they have quite a few products with this scent.

I think I actually like the new design of this bath bomb a lot more than the old one, which I never thought that I would say but I like the end color better, I like how it’s more moisturizing and I like how much glitter is in this bath bomb. So I would for sure suggest this bath bomb if a little bit of  a sweeter, caramel/toffee scents sounds like something that you would enjoy.



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