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My Holiday Decorations: 2016


For today’s blogmas post I decided to do something a little more simple but still very festive, and that is showing off my Holiday decorations. It’s my first year that I’ve really got to decorate my own and I’ve really been enjoying it, I love the holiday season and I really love Christmas. I don’t think I’m done decorating entirely but what is left that I want to get I’m trying not to rush because I want to get things that I like and will use again, not just things that will be alright for this year. So let me show you what I’ve decorated our apartment with.

Our really cute Christmas banner that I kind of love!
Yes, we have four stockings and yes, those are Adventure Time and Cookie Cat Stockings.
This cute little Santa pillow that I think is super cute and I’ve picked up a second one for the other end of the love seat because adorable. 
Pascal sits on top of our TV
Only 17 days until Christmas!
I’m currently burning Mint Mocha Bark and have Hot Cocoa tucked away in a gingerbread candle holder.
Our Festive Shower Curtain


And the last thing is our Christmas tree, that I love and clearly has a lot of my ornaments on it. Haha.

I’m very excited about Christmas and cannot wait, the days seem to be passing by very slowly and I just don’t like it, but I guess I have to wait.







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