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Lush Reindeer and Robin Fun Review

I feel like it has been a long time since I’ve reviewed a fun from Lush in a long while, I feel like it’s probably because I don’t think Fun is the most popular item and they don’t come out with a whole lot of new ones. But there are a bunch for Christmas, I only picked up this one because I still have some Santa from last year and I’m not sold on the other two yet. But, that is not what this post is about, today I will be reviewing Reindeer and Robin, the fun that I was so excited to get my hands on, so let’s get into the review.


imageI think I’m going to start todays review out with the scent of this, I don’t often do this but I have the fun sitting next to me to sniff and I can smell it from here. This is for sure a stronger fun scent than most of the funs that I smelled, I’m curious if all of the new Holiday Funs are like this, just really heavily scented.

If you’ve ever used Santa’s Lip Scrub then you’ve probably smelled the smell of this fun before because it shares it’s scent with that, which I think is a bit strange but I really love the scent of that lip scrub. So this product smells like cola, I hear some people say it smells like cherry cola but I don’t really get that, I think that this smells like straight cola and I’m not really sure that there is much more that I can say about the scent of this one because it just smells strongly of cola, which I really like So, if you’re not into sweeter scents than you probably won’t be into this fun but if you are, then you should for sure give this a sniff.

Up next I want to talk about the appearance of this really quick, this comes with four shades of fun so you can make your very own reindeer , which I think is really cute. I also think that the bar on it’s own is very cute, it has four chocolate chips in it making a face, which is just adorable, Lush really makes such cute products overall.

I think fun is a really versatile product and one that just doesn’t get enough love, which is surprising to me just because you can use it for so many things. You can use it as shampoo, you can use it to wash yourself, you can use it for bubbles in your bath, I use it to shave with and I’ve even heard of some using a little piece while washing clothes, among the many uses that I’ve seen for fun. So I think that this product is really neat, it’s also really fun to play with in the bath.

So, if you want a really neat and versatile product then you should really check out fun, and if you like sweeter scents or cola like scents than this bar of fun might be for you and you should pick it up before it leaves stores at the end of this month.


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