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Reasons Why November Was Awesome!

This is the last monthly awesome post I’m going to write this year, which is really insane to me, I can’t believe that it’s already December and the year is almost over. I know I’ve said this in at least the last two posts like this, but this year has really gone by so quickly, I cannot believe it at all. I can’t dwell on that for too long though so instead I’m going to just start talking about November and why it was awesome.

I want to start out by saying the month of November was a pretty good month for me personally, I got to go home to Florida this month which was really exciting for me, I haven’t been home since I moved to Virginia all the way back in February and I’m not sure when I’m going to get to go again but I got to go, that’s the point.

So I can’t really say much good that happened during the first three weeks of November because it was really pretty uneventful for me but the last week and change was really busy and really fun for me, so that’s probably going to be what most of this post is, just me going on about my trip back home.

We left two days before Thanksgiving and took a stop in Savannah to stay over night, we had some great food that night and then hung out in our room. We woke up way too early the next day and went to breakfast and it was still at least an hour before things started opening up so we headed out to Orlando earlier than we thought we were going to, we also didn’t see as much of Savannah as we were planning on seeing but it was still a really fun place to stop. I would really love to stop in there again sometime, maybe the next time we head to Florida.

I had a lot of fun while we were back home, I ate a lot of food and saw a lot of people that I hadn’t seen since I left which is always a good time. The night we got in we had tacos and played Cards Against Humanity with a few of my friends, it was really fun and a really good time, a great way to start the trip off really. Then the next day was thanksgiving, which was a good time of course, except for the fact that I had to go to three different places to get rolls because my family forgot to get rolls or make any, but even that wasn’t that bad. So that was a pretty good day too.

Friday after thanksgiving we were really busy, we went and did just a little black friday shopping that morning, then we went and saw Moana (Which was fantastic), then we had lunch and I had a buffalo chicken burger and after lunch we went and hung out with a friend of mine and her children. And to finish the day we went and had dinner with a long time friend of mine who I had a bit of a falling out with, but we patched everything up at that was a really good. It was a really busy day and we ended up being out for like fifteen hours but it was a really fun day.

I don’t really remember what we did on Saturday other than I went shopping at the mall with a friend of mine that evening. Then on our last full day in Orlando we went to the flea market with my family, pretty much so I could get some boiled peanuts, then we had lunch with them and then my fiancee, dad and I went and bowled for a little while. That was a really fun day and I was really happy to spend some time with my dad.

On Monday we headed home, first we stopped and got some cupcakes at Sweet, which we love and then we set off to Florence, South Carolina. We spent the evening in our hotel room, which was nice to have a little bit of a more slow paced evening for a change, because while we were in Orlando we were pretty busy most of the days. Then the next day we poked around for a little bit and headed home.

It was nice to get to visit Florida but it was also really nice to get home to our apartment, it’s just nice being in the place you live. It was also really nice seeing my cat, who has been attached to me pretty much the entire time that we’ve been back, so I think she missed me a little bit too.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about November, it’s been a pretty boring month with the exception of my trip back to Florida. Here’s to having a great December.


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