10 Facts About Me

I don’t think I’ve done anything like this before but I’ve decided after having this blog for over a year it might be time to talk about myself a little, in case anyone is curious about the blogger behind the screen. I had a really hard coming up with all of these so I hope you guys enjoy learning a little bit about me. Now let’s get into it!

  1. Is that I am super clumsy. I almost cut off my thumb when I was little, busted open my chin when I was in kindergarten, have at least three or four scars on my legs, have sprained my ankle really badly twice and am just overall a very clumsy person.
  2. I met my fiance online. I don’t think that’s a really strange thing to hear anymore but how we met online wasn’t really the most normal way, I won’t say anything more than that but that is a thing.
  3. I have a cat! Her name is Joansie, she’s black and white and 11 years old. I’ve had her since she was born so she’s my baby kitty.
  4. I have one sibling, a sister who is ten and a half years older than me and still lives in Florida.
  5. I’m planning a wedding right now, which is not super fun but we have a lot of time to plan so it’s not that bad.
  6. I’ve never been out of the country. I’ve been to 13 states so far but have never had the chance to leave the country.
  7. I really want to see the Grand Canyon and I’d also love to go to Key West.
  8. I only ever got to meet one of my grandparents, my maternal grandma. My other grandparents all died before I was born.
  9. I once got swine flu and strep throat together once, it was truly awful and one of the worst sickness I’ve ever experienced.
  10. I’m super ready for Christmas, I’ve already started Christmas shopping, we’ve ordered our Christmas tree and I will be looking for Christmas decorations today. Christmas is my holiday and I was ready for it once November 1st came around, I’m one of those people.


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