2016 · This month was awesome

Reasons Why August Was Awesome

It’s that time of the month that everyones blog feed and youtube feed are cluttered with monthly favorite posts, which I will be adding to of course but first I have to get this post out of the way first and talk about this past month, so instead of rambling on a lot I’m just going to jump into chatting about August.

Like most months nothing super exciting has happened, I live a fairly boring life and sometimes I debate not making these posts but at the same time I think it’s really nice to be able to look back on things, even if they are only boring everyday type of things. I also think this will be a nice thing to do once we really start planning the wedding, which we’re getting into that area where we are really going to start looking into places to have it and all of the other details that we have to plan, I think it’ll be nice to have monthly wrap ups like this so I’m probably going to continue on doing this until I get bored or start to really hate doing this.

August hasn’t been super exciting if I’m being honest, the past week to week and a half of August has been a little bit busy, meaning the last week and a half. It’s not really been anything insane but it’s been a bit more busy than what I’ve been used to and I haven’t really had a whole lot of time to sit down and blog alot these past couple of weeks but I’ve gotten all of my posts out and haven’t missed a day, at least I don’t think that I have.

I don’t really have any exciting moment to talk about like I did last month, there hasn’t been anything that really sticks out to me that has happened this month, at least not in a good way and I’m not really in the mood to share the other thing that has stuck out this past month because it’s not peppy or something that I feel like I should share.

I really think that’s all I’ve got to say for this past month and now I’m going to go start writing my month favorites posts, so keep a look out for that.


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