2016 · This month was awesome

Reasons Why June Was Awesome

I think at this point this series has changed quite a bit since I started it at the beginning of the year, I think it’s come a fair amount of the past six months, nothing insanely different but it has had a large shift I think. At this point I think I’m throwing everything out there, not just the good things but the mundane and on occasion the bad things that are going on in my life, I think it’s more realistic this way too. I’ve also been writing this post all month a little bit here and there, that way I don’t miss anything and won’t be left with something really very short and boring, plus I won’t forget anything that way.

I’m going to start out on a less fun note, meaning I’m going to talk about how I’ve been feeling a little bit off this month. I’ve settled in but I’m not sure why I feel so off, I feel a little bit out of it in a way and it’s really throwing me off. I think homesickness is settling into me a little bit right now, I’m trying to keep myself together though because that is what I do. Whatever it is I’m just going to keep going and see what happens.

 This next bit isn’t really about what happened this month in my life but at the same time it kind of is, I decided my blog needed a little bit of an update so that happened this month. I didn’t change my theme but I did change the background and the fonts that I used, I updated my about my and about the blog along with a few other things, over all I think it looks a lot better even if it is just subtle changes. I’m just really happy with the new look.

 This month I also got to see some of my family, my sister and mother, they came up to visit us for three days and it was pretty fun. We had three days of shopping and chatting mostly, we went and tried on bridesmaid dresses too which was fun. So we got some wedding stuff done this weekend, although we still have a lot of time to worry about those things too much yet but it’s still nice to be settling into things and deciding on things. But this all just happened and honestly it was pretty fun, I enjoyed it.

I don’t really think anything else to talk about that has been going on this month, some stuff went on but not too much really. June was really good.


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