Reasons Why May Was Awesome!

I am really fairly settled in by now, which I guess it to be expected by now, I’ve been living in Virginia for three full months now, I’ve been here a little bit longer but I am not going to figure out exactly how long. So because of this I feel like my monthly posts are going to start becoming a little bit boring, but we will see and I will continue to do these until I don’t feel like doing these anymore. So let’s chat a little bit.

This month hasn’t really been particuarlay exciting or anything, I can’t really think of anything super interesting that has been going on this month or that I’ve been doing. But I’m still going to talk about this past month a little bit, even if it is a little bit on the short side.

I’ve settled in pretty much completely at this point, which is really nice and now that I’m settled I’m starting to really feel a bit homesick, which I guess kind of sounds like I’m not settled but I am. I just miss my family and the things that I was used to having around, also the weather although it is finally warming up some which I think is really helping me out with everything some.

I’ve also started to post on my Instagram everyday, I’m attempting a 365 type of thing and we will see how that goes, I’m expecting my to fail at it but we shall see what happens.

I’ve started working out this month too, I really love to run and used to run, but I fell and hurt my ankle last year and just haven’t gotten back to it. It’s a little bit hard and such but it’s been completely worth it, I get up every other day at 6 and go for a run, sometimes out in the world and other times on the treadmill depending on how I’m feeling.

And I think that’s really all that I can talk about this month, nothing else really come to mind and that’s alright, so I’m going to wrap this up and end it here.


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