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Reasons Why March Was Awesome!

It’s a new month which means that it is time to talk about why this past month was awesome. It’s been a pretty busy year for me so far and it has been fairly eventful, a lot has gone on and I think it’s nearing time for it to finally start settling down some. I feel like this past month hasn’t been particularly exciting and I am not sure if it ever will be as eventful as it has been these past couple of months but I’m still going to talk about March and continue documenting my year this way on here.

I’m thinking about not using bullet points this month just because I’m not sure that is the best way to go about this month, instead I’m just going to ramble on freely about things and how I’ve been feeling and such. So my ‘Why This Month Was Awesome’ is kind of getting a new look, or at least I’m trying it out and I’m not really sure if it’ll stay this way or not.

I moved to Virginia and moved in with my fiance  at the very end of February, so as one might expect a lot of March has been spent unpacking, settling in and getting myself together which has been more stressful than I thought it would be. I really thought that unpacking was going to be a lot easier than packing everything up, which I think it may have been easier if it weren’t for the fact that my fiance was already moved in so I kind of had to find places for some of my things. Everything got put away, everyone is happy, it just took me a little bit longer than I expected it too.

My cat took forever to get settled in, I expected it to take her a little while but it’s took well over two weeks of her meowing all night and having to be locked into the bathroom, she has finally settled down now and can roam around anywhere she wants to at night, she’ll even sleep in the bed with us from time to time now. That was a big stressful thing due to not getting enough sleep, but that has all been taken care of and everything is good.

I’ve kind of started working this month too, that has been another big thing that has happened and I’m starting to learn what I’m doing in that job, which is both terrifying and exciting.

We’ve also kind of started to do some wedding planning, which it’s very early to start that but at the same time I see now harm in starting really early, it seems like something that would make planning a lot less stressful later so I don’t mind it. We’re talking about colors and making lists of people to invite, looking at bridesmaids dresses an things. I also picked up the shoes that I think I’m going to wear with my dress.

I think that’s all that’s really worth mentioning that happened in the month of March, nothing too exciting or big has happened, but there were a few things that I saw the point in mentioning for this month. I hope everyone has had a fantastic March an year so far. Now here’s to an amazing April.


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