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Reason Why February Was Awesome!

So last month I announced that I would be starting a new series on here and now that it is the end of the month it is time for the second post this year, I am really enjoying this idea of this and being able to chat about things that have been really exciting to me, plus I think it is going to be really nice to be able to look back at this year and see the reasons why each month was really cool and what happened during the month that I’m looking back at. I’m thinking about maybe talking about less exciting things too but I’m not sure if that would be too much of a buzzkill, we’ll see what I decide on. Now, onto talking about the second month of the year.

I Got My Driver’s License. This was the first really exciting thing that happened this month, I have been really lazy when it came to this one and it took me longer than I like to own up to go and get my license. I was super nervous but I passed and now I can drive anywhere!

My Boyfriend Showed Up Early. He was coming down to move me and decided to surprise me and show up a week early, that was super exciting and I was very happy to see him.

I Spent Valentine’s Day With My Boy. Because of him showing up early we got to spend Valentine’s Day Together, we’ve only been together for two Valentine’s Day’s but because of being long distance we haven’t gotten a chance to spend the actual day physically together yet, so that was kind of nice to be able to do and enjoy.

I Got Engaged. This was a complete surprise when it happened and I did not see it coming  when it came and I said yes, of course. This happened on February 17th, I want to make sure not to forget that date. I am super excited about this and very happy. I’m also going to share a photo of my ring at the bottom of this post, it’s super pretty and I am just very excited about this one.

I Bought A Wedding Dress. I had not intention of buying one when I went out, I just wanted to be able to look at dresses for the first time with my family and best friend before I moved to Virginia, but I fell in love with the first dress I put on and I was done in one visit. Of course I tried on multiple dresses, I spent about three hours trying on dresses, but in the end I kept going back to this one and that is the one I ended up with. I love it so much.

I Am Moving. I think this is the biggest thing to be going on this month, on the 27th I am moving from Florida up to Virginia, this is very exciting for me and a really huge thing that is happening in my life this month.

I think this month has been huge and I really think this is going to be the craziest month of the year by far, so many things happened this month and I really think that will be hard to top this month but we will see what happens. Now onto a slightly crazy March that will be filled with unpacking and settling in.



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