On Trend: Ombre Blush

I’m not really one for following trends, not when it comes to anything, but on occasion I do give into a trend or something that I really enjoy happens to be trendy, either way I don’t really follow to often. This time around though I gave into one because they were so pretty and I couldn’t help myself, I’m also assuming that this is little bit of trend in make up since I’ve seen a few brands release blushes like this. Today I am talking about Ombre Blushes, three of them from two different brands, two from Wet ‘n Wild and one from NYX, I will be talking a little bit about all of them and be giving little reviews of these so let’s dig right on in.

IMG_7545Let me start by telling you the blushes that I will be talking about today, the first one is the NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me, the other two are Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blushes in the shades The Princess Daiquiries and In A Purple Haze. All three are very different colors and all gfgfthree are all very pretty colors too and ones that I find very wearable for my skin tone.IMG_7548

First up I think I’m going to talk about is the NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me. The powder itself in this one looks a little less ombre like to me but it’s still a really pretty color, it’s a nice mauve color, it’s something a little bit darker but fairly neutral and I really like that about this one. I’ve gotten a chance to wear this one a few times and it applies quite well and lasts for quite a while. So overall I really like this blush, the color, the feel and the lasting power of it are all pretty good. Next up is the Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush in The Princess Daiquiries. This one looks to be the most ombre in the pan to me.

IMG_7549The color of this one is very pretty and very springy to me, it’s a really light coral type shade with just a little bit of shimmer in  it which I think is a really nice touch in these blushes, it’s nothing too overwhelming but it’s a nice little bit of sheen on the face. I have only worn this blush once so I don’t think I can really comment on the lasting power of this one yet. The last blush to talk about is the Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush in In A Purple Haze. This last one is very pretty and this one is the one that is most out of my comfort zone because this is a color that I don’t really ever reach for or purchase, I’m not a huge fan of things that are cool toned or purple cosmetics, but I really wanted to try this one and I actually quite like it. Like the last one this has a little bit of shimmer in the powder but nothing too crazy and once again, I only wore this one once so I cannot comment on the lasting power on this blush.

There is a third shade in the Wet ‘n Wild blush line but I did not pick it up because it looked too similar to The Princess Daiquiries for me but if I end up loving these then I may have to pick another up. There are seven other shades in the NYX range and I may pick another one or to to play with and try out in the future, I’m not completely sure yet.

IMG_7550And to finish off this post I am of course going to share some swatches of these products with you, it wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t do that. So here is a swatch of all three blushes on my skin tone, the top one is In A Purple Haze, the next one is The Princess Daiquiries and the last one is Mauve Me. All three are very different and the last one I think is my favorite currently because I’m really into a slight darker blush currently but I think the Wet ‘n Wild ones are going to be really amazing for the spring time that is just around the corner. All three are very pretty shades of blush that I am very excited about playing with more in the near future.


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