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Reasons Why January Was Awesome.

I’ve decided to start a new monthly series on this blog, something a little bit more personal so you guys can get to know me a little bit better and for myself so I can look back on things that happened during the year, so I’m kind of using this like a scrap book. I don’t think I will have pictures this month but I may toss in some as the year goes on, don’t really know, kind of just winging this as of right now. So at the end of every month or the beginning of the next I will be posting things that happened during the month that were exciting and awesome! I think that’s all and I’m going to jump into this now.

Spending The New Year With My Boyfriend: I went to Virginia for three weeks and got to spend the New Year with my boyfriend and half of January was spent there.

I Got To See Snow For The First Time: I saw snow once when I was little, I was like three, so I don’t really count that time because I can’t remember it.  I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to and I played in it way more than I want to admit, it was just really fun for me to see.

I Made A Decision To Move To Virginia: Yes, guys, I am moving and I am very excited about it. This has been something on my mind for quite a while but during my last few months but during this last visit we finally settled on a time an things are panning out really well when it comes to that.

I Started Rewatching Sailor Moon: Jake and I started watching Sailor Moon again and I really have been enjoying it a lot, I love that show so much.

We Also Started Watching Steven Universe: I have heard about this show so much and just finally started watching this too, a lot of our time was spent between Sailor Moon and Steven Universe which is really awesome and was very enjoyable.

My Best Friend Brought Me The Morphe 35O Palette. My best friend went to California this past month and she brought me back this palette because she is amazing and I am super excited about it and to get to try it out since everyone talks about it, I may be a little bit late on this one but I’m still excited about that.

 I think that is all of the reasons why this month has been awesome, these are all really exciting events to have happened to me, some a little more exciting than others but nonetheless all are important and things that helped make this month really amazing.


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