It’s the new year!

Yes, I know I just made a post yesterday but it’s the new year and I have a bunch of posts planned out, so here’s another one. For the new year I wanna talk about a few things that I want to do this year. I’m not sure if this is anything anyone else is interested in but at least this will be something that I can look back on and see if I actually accomplished anything on this list. So let’s just jump into this.

I want to work on bettering myself. There are some things I know that I need to do and it’s time to stop putting them off and instead get them done. I’m hoping I can really keep myself to this one.

I want to cook more. I guess eating better kind of goes along with this one, because if I make more food that means I should be eating better. I just need to be a better cook and work on this.

I want to start running again. Yes, of course there has to be something related to exercise in a New Years resolution post, but would it really be considered a News Years resolution without this? Probably not. I really love running, it’s a good workout, I find it fun and it’s very calming to me. I stopped because towards the beginning of the year I fell down some stairs and sprained my ankle/foot really badly and it hasn’t been completely the same since, but I need to get back to this.

I want to work on focusing more. I’m very bad at this sometimes, okay, really a lot of the time, I can sometimes get myself to focus but it’s usually only if I really really need to and even then I’m not the best at it so this is something that I really need to work on.

I want to be less afraid and worry less. I am a big baby, I’m fully aware of it and this is something that I need to work on too, I need to stop letting being scared stop me so much and let myself no worry so much. I’m really not sure how well this one will go but I am going to try.

And lastly I want to do more things for myself. I feel like the sounds so weird to say but this is something that I want to work on. And when I say do more things for myself I don’t mean like washing laundry myself or cooking my own food, but more doing things for myself and taking care of myself. I want to make myself more of a priority, even if that sounds selfish I think it’s something that I need to work on some.

And those are the things that I am hoping to work on in the New Year, 2016 will be an amazing year, I know it already. I hope everyone has a wonderful year and things go well for you all.


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