I’d like to start by saying, yes, I know this isn’t a normal post day for me but I wanted to get this out today, on the last day of the year and I hope no one minds that. Tomorrow the schedule will continue as normal, so no worries guys. I would also like to say that this is something that I have been working on since the beginning of the month on and off, tweaking it a little bit here and there. I also am sorry for the length of this post, I allowed myself to write as much as I wanted to and I know it’s longer but I really wanted to do this. I’m not sure how interesting this is to anyone but I mostly wanted to do this for me and figured I would share here because why not?

I guess I’m going to start out by saying I can’t believe that this year is over, well, theres a few more hours left but this year is quickly coming to a close and that is very strange for me to say. As I have gotten older the time has really started to fly by, I don’t like it, this year has been pretty fantastic but I kind of wish that things would slow down a little bit so I can enjoy them a little bit more. But nope, instead the year rushes by and I can’t do anything about it. I’m not going to dwell on it either, I’m just going to try and enjoy my time as much as I can.

2015 has been a pretty good year for me, it’s also been a little bit strange and taught me some things along with a couple of big things sprinkled in, basically what a good year should consist of I think.

The beginning of this year was harder from me, someone who I had known forever and been so close to is no longer part of my life. What happened wasn’t entirely her fault nor was it mine, I truly think we both dropped the ball in places but in the end neither party cared to try and fix things. This is something that took me a few months to deal with and finally accept but now I have and accepted it and now I really know that not everyone who is part of your life is meant to be in it forever. As hard as that may be to grasp sometimes, it’s really a good thing to learn, and the sometimes just because you’ve known someone forever it doesn’t mean that they still belong in your life or are good for you.

This whole thing also strengthened my friendship with someone else, which I guess is something else that I kind of learned this year, true friends do really show themselves. This is something that I’ve known but never really had to deal with completely, so it was more of a concept to me because it wasn’t something that I had experienced, but in hard times the amazing people in your life really show up and shine through more than anything. I don’t think I really have any more to say about this other than I’m very grateful for her and she’s really been an amazing friend.

Another thing that happened this year is that I became a lot closer with this really awesome guy, we even celebrated our first year together this year which is very strange for me. I love it though and have enjoyed every second that I’ve gotten to spend with him. He’s such a sweet person and we click so well, it’s the best thing ever. Because of him I’ve traveled a lot this year too, he lives in Virginia and I’m in Florida, so I got myself into a long distance relationship which is a little bit hard but it’s completely worth it I think. He’s been really there for me this year and  I’m pretty sure I could probably go on for way too long about this boy but I’m going to stop here so I don’t ramble too much. I love him and he’s amazing.

 I’ve had a lot of fun this year, it’s been very fun, like I said flying has become a big thing in my life this past year which has been fun. I’ve been all over this state this year, I got to go to the big zoo that I’ve always wanted to go to, been to the beach, been to a few parts of Virginia a bunch of times. I’ve been to Disney a couple times, played a lot of fun games of Cards Against Humanity and Clue this year. I got to see the Osbourne Family Lights for the last time this year, it was amazing as usual and a little bit sad too since it’ll not longer exist after this year but it was also so much fun to get to go see them with my sister and best friend.  I also got to see my favorite band reunite and give an amazing show that I wish never ended but unfortunately it had to, I really should have gone and seen all of the shows they played but that probably would have gotten expesnive. There’s probably countless other things that have happened this year that I cannot think of currently to add to this list but I don’t want to go on for too long.

The ending of this year has been such a mixed day for me, meaning I’ve started out the morning of this day stressed out due to my dad having surgery to have part of his thyroid removed so that has been nerve racking, especially since I am currently in Virginia and now at home. Luckily everything went smoothly and all is well with him, which is really such a relief.

This year has really been pretty wonderful to me, it’s had it’s not so amazing parts but I think every year has it’s down, but overall it’s been a fantastic year for me. So here’s to hoping 2016 is even better.


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