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Revisit: Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

Revisit modern renaissance

I originally reviewed this palette all the way back in January of last year, so I’ve had this palette for a while so I am excited to revisit this palette and talk about after having had it for a while now and really trying it out properly. So, this is my introduction to a new series, the products I review in this little series might not always be something that I have reviewed on this blog before but they will be things that I’ve had for a while, we’ll see how it goes. But, for today I will be talking about this palette and revisiting it, so let’s see if my opinion on this has changed.

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First Impression Friday: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder

First Impression Friday_ Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder

Last month I talked all about an NYX primer and this month I will be talking about setting, the finishing touches. I will be talking about the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting powder, a product that I did not intend to buy yet but I purchased before I got it for a really good sale so I couldn’t pass it up. Which means today I will be doing a first impression of this powder.

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2018 · etsy

Try It Tuesday: Sugar Milk Co.

Try It Tuesday_Sugar Milk Co

Last month during try it Tuesday we talked all about bath products and this month is basically the same as I am talking all about bath and body products from the brand Sugar Milk Co. I have to say this, this brand has fantastic branding and is honestly part of the reason why I knew I had to try out some of their products. This one might be a little bit of a longer try it Tuesday, so grab a snack and let’s get into it.

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Review: Dose of Colors EyesCream Palette

Dose of colors eyescream

I know this palette isn’t new and that is has been out for a while, which means that I have been eyeing it for a while because it just looks so pretty. I pulled the trigger on it recently and I’m actually pretty glad that I did, I quite like this palette as you will probably be able to tell in this review, so let’s just not waste any more time and start talking about this one.

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Ma-Ka-Rohn Taste Test & Review

saturday well-spent

Mixing it up yet again, I try to do that every now and then, this was originally planned content for the food blog but that did not go off so well, so I have a bunch of content from that short little excursion that I will probably eventually blog about here. So, today I will be talking about some macarons that I picked up online from Ma-Ka-Rohn.

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Face Mask Friday: Meme Box I Dew Care Take It Easy Mask

Face Mask Friday

Yes, it is face mask Friday again! I feel like I was just writing the one for August yesterday, but it has been a little while longer than that. I swear these months and these posts are just flying by in no time at all. Anyway, today I am here to blog about this mask so let’s get chatting.

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Am I a True Virgo?

Am I A True Virgo_

I am mixing it up a little bit today and doing something a little bit different from what I typically do, but something that sounded fun. I saw this post a while ago and have been saving the idea for this month, I saw the post over on thediaryofellie and I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about and see if I’m really a true Virgo. Especially since it is Virgo season and my birthday is in just a couple of days, so let’s dive in and see if I really am.

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2018 · etsy

Etsy Finds #14

Etsy Finds #14

I love writing these posts, I just love exploring Etsy and finding all sorts of fun new handmade things, it’s just an enjoyable thing. Last month’s theme was all about my birthday wishlist and this month will be festive and birthday related as well because I am a child person who really enjoys my birthday along with all things birthday. I just think it’s fun, so let’s dive in and talk all about festive Etsy finds.

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